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EBoz No Longer Green

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And the problem with the ZX-10 is what, exactly? They've got a brand-new potentially competitive bike, and they've had more than enough time to throw together a race program for it.

And to think I was actually looking forward to great competition in the AMA series this year. Guess the only decent racing will be on TV and overseas. Frickin' lame.
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MO Yesterday's News?

What like World Super Bike going belly up?

read it here today.... MSMA Votes To Shun WSC


Or in this space in a couple days...

Scooped again MO.
..and sometimes they wait for their own readership to do their work for them.

Look, these aren't rumors. and reporting on press releases is the way things are done oftentimes in moto-jornalism.

This just looks like they aren't very good at what they do...if "Latest News" is supposed to be, um, the latest news.
1 - 2 of 47 Posts
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