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EBoz No Longer Green

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And the problem with the ZX-10 is what, exactly? They've got a brand-new potentially competitive bike, and they've had more than enough time to throw together a race program for it.

And to think I was actually looking forward to great competition in the AMA series this year. Guess the only decent racing will be on TV and overseas. Frickin' lame.
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If Eboz could win on a ZX7 why would Kawasaki not have any confidence in a brand new design? Hope he doesn't get a MotoGP ride with Kawasaki, he's too damn talented to watch him do parade laps all year. Unlike their ZX-RR in MotoGP at least the ZX7 was competitive even though it was ancient and there's no reason Kawasaki couldn't and shouldn't have made the ZX10 competitive in Superbike. Yeah it was a good move for Ducati to go to MotoGP but their bike is always near the front. Happy to hear Ducati claims they will be strong force in America next year. Maybe we can get Eric on a 999 so he can win the title he got screwed out of this year. Whatever it will just kinda suck when I go to Daytona for the 200 no Yamaha and now no Kawasaki. Wish Eric the best he's a hell of a talent and also a heck of a nice guy too.
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