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Ecorider. Diesel/Biofuel Bike Available to the Public.

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Ok file this one under the Great Motorcycle Prophet kpaul told you so.... file... How about these apples ? GPTB, Buz, Longride, bigdx,etc..

biodiesel rocks
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Your endorsement would carry more weight if you actually, you know, owned a biodiesal vehicle.
BTW, where is the "I told you so"? I see an article about the introduction of a vehicle. Not "Biodiesal vehicle sales figures rocket, experts hail revolutionary engines." Hell, you constantly pimp them and can't even get yourself to buy one (and don't link to an image of one from a dealer website again, either, Pinocchio.)
Re: Yep, the Hippo 230cc Hatz Diesel

Then buy one.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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