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Ecorider. Diesel/Biofuel Bike Available to the Public.

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Ok file this one under the Great Motorcycle Prophet kpaul told you so.... file... How about these apples ? GPTB, Buz, Longride, bigdx,etc..

biodiesel rocks
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Re: Yep, the Hippo 230cc Hatz Diesel

I'm actually on your side on this one.

Biodiesel isn't very efficient from the perspective of how much land is required to grow the fuel. We would have to put most, if not all, the current arable land in North America to use growing the fuel in order to run the current number of vehicles in the US and Canada. I like efficiency and really like that you can grow your fuel supply, but I also really like to eat.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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