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Edwards and Haga Reunite for Suzuka 8-Hour.

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Now here is a race that has dropped in prestige!
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Judging from the number of responses, I'd say you are 100% correct.
Maybe we should talk about helmets or loud pipes instead?

Or, heres one. How is that an inferior OEM like HD is the only manufacturer that can build a sidestand that for the most part won't sink into warm asphalt tipping the bike over? Where my equally expensive Duc has the most useless sidestand on it that has ever been made? What's the deal?! I'll give everyone one guess why I bring this up....:-(Grrrr!!!)
Hard to get excited about an 8 hour race when there's the 24 hr Lemans.....
Re: Look,

..when you've got 230 lb. guys on Hyosung 250s crusing at 90 mph all day long this is like nap time.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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