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So now Edwards is riding on a competitive bike with a year's experience on GP tracks under his belt on an uncompetitive bike? Sounds like a master-stroke of tactics to me--no way he'd be top dog on a Honda that first year, so have him ride a different bike and see what the comp is up to while learning the rounds of GP racing. As an extra bonus, instill in him a sense of outrage to win and show Honda who's who. Plus Professional Wrestling-style soap opera of screwing him over first season in GP. Masterstroke on the part of Honda. I predict an Edwards, Gibernau/Hayden, Rossi1-2/2-3 finish next year. Should be exciting, anyway... Kudos to Rossi for putting cash ahead of glory and thus making 04 GP a much more exciting crazy-season spectacle. Although, Rossi was so far ahead and had so many come from way far behind podium finishes, its tough to see him in anything but the lead. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the 04 GP season...
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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