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To true,

its amazing to read the comments from the Americans on this site (given it's an american site), but some of the crap that comes out just blows you away (just like Edwards was phnarr phnarr), all those years of propaganda and these guys can't see past their good ole boys. Well sorry lads to coin a good old John kosinski line "if you aint American you aint crap". Meaning if you ARE American you ARE crap. Good one the Aussies (I am not one but close) for cleaning up yet another trophy for the trophy cabinet. Is Rossie an Aussie?

I still recall seeing the banner at last years german round ANY ONE BUT EDWARDS...quite amazing to see really.Bring back Slight (actually there are rumours that he is talking to Aprillia and Ducati, but only as a test rider for Ducati).
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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