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Electrical Issues

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Get a multi meter and check the voltage of your battery when the bike is off. If you have left the bike off for a few hours the reading should be about 12.6 volts.

Next start the bike and check the battery while it is running. If the reading is around 14 volts your charging system is OK. If not the problem is probably your alternator. If the battery won't hold a charge disconnect it from the bike and after charging it, see if it holds a charge. If it does you have a grounded hot wire somewhere in the bikes electrical system. Good luck!
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I had similar symptoms and it was a loose battery connection. Considering you just put in a new battery you might want to check that. Start with the simple things first.
Could be the fuel vent hose clogged

Next time your bike starts dying, try pulling the fuel tank cap off. It could be that your fuel vent hose that allows air into the tank to replace the fuel used is blocked, causing a vacuum so that fuel no longer runs down into the carbs.

If you take the fuel cap off and you hear a sucking sound as you remove it and then your bike runs fine then trace your fuel vent hose to see if it has a kink in it or if it's blocked off.
Fuel filter

If checking the fuel vent hose doesn't fix the problem you can also make sure and replace your fuel filter, could be almost clogged to the point where it's not letting fuel into the carbs.

Either way, good luck, hope you find the problem.
Look for loose wire's or one thats chaffing or shorting .Also check that the main fuse connections are clean and making good contact.If you can't see anything obvious,start and run the bike in a dark room or at night and look for sparking.Get someone to turn the bars and bounce the suspension up and down while you check around the wiring .

I'd veto that notion about running the engine in a dark room/garage unless you really are aware of just what you are doing and take the proper precautions. Otherwise, in just a short time (depending on room size and other variables), ALL of your performance issues will disappear.


Carbon monoxide is a deadly b!tch. And, unfortunately, an older bike with fuel delivery and/or ignition issues in a questionable state of tune can only exacerbate that killer.

You've given no history and just a few very recent symptoms upon which to base a diagnosis. If the bike will start and run for a little while, then I agree with the above posters who suggest starting with the fuel vent and work your way inbound from there. Choking from too much fuel and fuel starvation can both mimic an intermittant ignition problem.

Given your limited amount of info, I think your Honda is running out of gas.
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