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sachiwilson is right track down the wires. I bought a service manual for my R6. It will have the circuit diagram of your bike which might help. A small electrical meter might help to track down what is drawing current Sometimes a poor ignition switch can be at fault i.e. it doesn't shut every thing off. Normally there is a small drain if it has clock or an electronic dash but nothing that will drain the battery that fast. Something is drawing current that shouldn't. If you can't track it down by yourself you might see if you have local voc-tech school nearby. It would make a great motorcycle mechanics class exercise. The good thing about bikes is that there isn't alot of electrical stuff on them so it should be easier to track down. The ZX-7R was a pretty solid bike and not much electronics compared to the new stuff so it is something probably real simple i.e someone did some maintenance and screwed up. Good luck
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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