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What a load of horse manure!

Notice he doesn't explain exactly why his method should work better than the easy breakin.

Joe Minton has it right and he should know - he's an old fart Harley guy.

It doesn't matter how you break in an engine, fast or slow as long as the motor is warmed up before you start whatever break-in procedure you prefer.

Why?? Because the piston and rings travel the exact same path, even with ring rotation, during the first few miles. Whatever 'bumps' need to be worn off the cylinders by the rings will be worn off sooner - given a fast break-in or later - with a slow break-in. They'll bed in all the same, sooner or later.

The only caveat I would add is that it is critical that the pistons/rings be set up in the cylinder with the correct gap in the first place. If the piston is too tight it can easily seize without real gentle break-in. But, how many of you are still riding '60s Brit bikes besides me?

1 - 1 of 180 Posts
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