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engine guards for K100RS

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I own an 87 BMW K100RS. I put a custom paint job on it last year and 3wks later was cut off on I-75 at a whopping 5mph and had to drop the bike. Sorry but she clipped the front tire- the bike just tipped and I had to do a "step-off" thing so I wouldn't re-break and ankle that had been broken 5 yrs earlier by someone pulling into my path. I screwed the new paint job. Now, having just done the 40k service the mechanic that was working on my bike DROPPED it off the lift in a tragic "I didn't know what the h3ll I was thinking" accident. Screwing up the other side of my custom paint job. SO- I was thinking of engine guards.
Where can I find some? Looked on Dennis Kirk, Bike Bandit and a few others. IDEAS????????
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So, did the mechanic/shop pay for the damages?

This guy put on "factory" engine guards:

It looks like this guy has a used set for sale:

That's it, I'm out of material. Back to cursing clients.
Thanks- yeah, Ken paid. Kinda feel bad. The Kid wrenching just lost it. The damages were more than the service work. I like Ken (small shop kind of guy). He's got this little hole in the wall place and the man has talent (40yrs worth). Just a MMI rookie mistake and he owes me money instead of the other way around. Guess I gotta buy a 4 wheeler off him at Christmas (for my kid, of course) to let him make a few bucks off me this year.
If anyone is parting out a K75 or K100 I'd be interested in a parts list.
Try giving these guys a call:

A friend has 7 Beemers and they've been finding all kinds of oddball stuff for him.
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