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Eric Bostrom to Yamaha on R1 in superbike!?

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Re: Eric Bostrum to Yamaha on R1 in superbike!?

Who is Eric Bostrum?

First Post?
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I think Yamaha is going to suprise everyone and enter a factory Superbike and FX team. They've been going pretty good in WSB this year and I can't see them loosing out in the AMA if the timing can come together. EBoz is the perfect match for that. Graves put some pretty fast Yamahas on the track this past season and Yamaha noticed. It's too bad that Boz couldn't come to terms with the Ducati. He reaaly had a good season on it. But I talk to him at Road Atlanta and it seemed that he never had a comfort level or control level that he liked. The deal for Yamaha was to wait after the dealer show before they tip their hand. Bet the news breaks by the time Two Wheel Tuesday rolls around.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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