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Errant Voice Mail Paves Way To Motorcycle Adventure.

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Hats off to him. That is the fantasy of all of us cubicle dwellers. I'm a little worried that he's not taking more pictures of the senoritas however.
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If I did that they'd just laugh and say get back to work.

I would love to go on a journey like that some day.
I did this once to my wife i.e. I thought the phone conversation had ended..after my wife was chewing me out about something (a daily occurance lately) So I was doing by best imitation of the language my dad used when he worked on sister's VW bug.. Anyway my wife and her friends heard my choice words about her...I was sleeping on the couch for a week.
Screamin’ Eagle Performance Parts are inspired by and built in the spirit of the raw adrenaline and power of motorcycle racing.
Reading about having to pay ransom to Central American cops makes me really really really excited to travel through there.

Think I'll go to Alaska instead. Canada is about the most adventurous country I want to see.
If you can make it through the OPCs at the airport in Cabo you can survive anywhere!
You really are a contemptible idiot. Feh.
That's unfortunate. Mexico is a beautiful, wonderful country. I've enjoyed every minute I've spent in it - especially in Zacatecas and Guadalajara. Fabulous! Cabo - never been there, but I imagine that if you limit your visits to tourist traps, you'll not get a very good idea of what Mexico can be like.
Sí, este cerdo sabe no de nuestro país hermoso, con vistas magníficos de it's, y de productos del cerdo. Al infierno con él, let's van consiguen borrachos
Re: El Correo De Voz Errante Pavimenta Manera A la Aventura De la Motocicleta.

Lol! Solo voy a México con mi pareja -- tenemos un departamento en el D.F. :)
Did you copy that off the back of a Corona bottle?
LOL I wondered where I heard that before.. Glad you're back kjester.
No thanks.. I personally know two people that had that same naive view. Both never came back. One person's family had to hire thugs to get his body and belongings.. By the way the local sheriff was driving the guys pickup.. They decided to let him have the truck.. Seruzawa is right on ths...Canada and the USA is the only way..
Excuse me do I know you?
Dos Equis (XX)

Not really necessary for you to be familiar with him - you're infamous on this board.
Right he's really one my groupies I suspect.. Trying to get me to go off on him in classic kspike style.. No I am not doing the eye for eye thing kspike thing, I am born again. Turn the other check.. The Golden Rule and all of that.. yep I am klover now...
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