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Errant Voice Mail Paves Way To Motorcycle Adventure.

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Hats off to him. That is the fantasy of all of us cubicle dwellers. I'm a little worried that he's not taking more pictures of the senoritas however.
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No, my gardener told me to say that.
Well, at least I know my hangouts in Mx are safe from you now. ;)
"Her", dear. Not him.
I'm going to Cabo in August and my buddy said if you get in trouble with the local policia all you have to do is say, "La fiesta estas en mis pantelones."

That's cool right?
But you have to punctuate that with a hand gesture indicating the insertion of a large foreign object into a body orifice.
Sorry. I meant no offense - most of the people here are men (well, male at least!)
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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