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1) Theory - a bit like the theory for a car exam, but with bike-specific questions (position on the road, tire grip, etc.). You have to do this even if you have a car licence.
Hear, hear! I don't think many of us in the US would argue against it being a good thing for cagers to know something about how motorcycles behave!

As to the rest, well, the expense doesn't seem to deter too many folks in the EU from getting motorcycle or car licenses, does it? And it does result in drivers/riders who know what they're doing. And even here, driving is supposed to be a privilege, not a right (discounting the fact that the layout of our cities, and paucity of adequate public transportation, make it a necessity).

But of course, such training would never be required here. Riders would simply point out that we don't make car drivers take any of this expensive training, so it's unfair. And the car drivers would never go for it.
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