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EU Laws to Put Brake on Bikers.

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It's a good thing if you have the right VFR

I actually like the directives but it will probably have a devasting effect on the industry... However, it might just save the priviledge to ride a motorcycle for those us who have the skill and proper type of bike (high performance sportbike). Can't see Buz's geezer glide doing to well on this test Things like ABS might become standard equipment. I think most folks who ride now would pass if we were riding a VFR or BMW with a linked ABS system.... Having ABS on my car saved my life once....

But I don't see this type of law happening in the land of the free and home of the brave </a>

Good article
Spoken like a true Bonney Lake resident. :) Don't worry you will be safe in your compound, you might want to feed your Rotwielers sometime though.. Last time I rode by I thought they were going to jump the fence... You have them trained to go after squids don't ya. :)

(Everyone thinks you folks who live out there are survivalist with barbed wire compouds, actually we are just jealous) When the end time comes will you let me in for a meal just for old time sake.. :) C rations are OK.. But I like the MREs better
You can't fly an airplane without training.

Excellent Post...I agree with you.. I hope to complete my Private Pilot's license this summer. I guess some folks will think that I should be able to fly a plane without the comprehensive training that is required...
Re: Hey longride.

You know this will never happen here. Didn't Missouri just repeal it's helmet law.. Thanks to the GPTB ...
You are OK Van and seruzawa

Hey I don't care what the other extremist say about you.. You are alright with me.. :) I had to go back and read what Gabe said.. Have to agree with him on your views. They are outside mainstream political thought... But I wouldn't want you to stop talking about them etc. seruzawa makes a good point with his slavery argument... Hey I learn a lot from both of you guys.. Haven't read much of davidhanner yet.. hope to hear more..
"what i see despite these laws bike usuage tends to be higher in europe than the US especially for commuting" Excellent Point.. That and high gas prices... Maybe when gas hits $4.00 here in the U.S. folks might change their attitudes.
Hey with your pal W running things I am sure the dollar will continue on it's downward slide.. $5/gal doesn't seem that far fetched..Deficits don't matter right .. yes they do...
1 - 7 of 58 Posts
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