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EU Laws to Put Brake on Bikers.

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You're too kind, back in those days I had a '67 VW Beetle with a cassette player wired in and sitting on the floor. My friends and I used to drive up to Crytal Mountain and go skiing. I have many happy (though somewhat blurry) memories of chugging along through the snowy woods smoking wog-hemp listening to Kraftwerk....."fahn fahn fahn das autobahn" driving up to ski.....them and YES were good driving bands or Emerson Lake and Palmer.....

Jeez, that was a while ago...
What's notably interesting about this Euro proposal is the fact that, while on the surface it appears reasonable, it reflects the same failed intellect that infects so much government action across the political spectrum. And while this proposal demands complex analysis, which on so many levels would expose the sad paternalist agenda who's intent it is to crush individualism, seen by these statist elitists as some sort of dysfunctional personality trait, I would point out one item only. The % of cages to MCs would not show up on a statistical graph! But, by singling out a perceived and relatively powerless minority, the motorcyclist, while ignoring the wholesale license giveaway to an incompetent majority, the cagers, which they preside over, they can create the illusion that government is taking reasoned, aggressive action to do something about the massive death and injury statistics on our roads worldwide. Cynically, they are only too happy to collect huge revenues from these folks for the privilege of driving and can avoid offending them as they depend on them for their continued incumbency or appointment to office. An excellent parallel is the restriction to practical extinction of private firearms ownership in Euroland, by abusing the millions who will voluntarilly obey the law, while the criminal element laughingly ignores it. Can any of us imagine the ferocious anger, resistance, and economic chaos that would greet the announcement that ALL drivers would be required to comply with a similar training mandate? So long as we tolerate our conversion into an homogenized and emasulcated society of sheep by empowering a government structure that proposes irrational solutions such as this, we'll continue to have unfortunate and useless discourses such as this.
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$5 a gallon and $1800+ for a moto lic. Sounds like nirvana.
That was well said.

Now if I didn't lose ten years of eyesight trying to find the line breaks.....
Hey with your pal W running things I am sure the dollar will continue on it's downward slide.. $5/gal doesn't seem that far fetched..Deficits don't matter right .. yes they do...
moto nirvana..the high price of petrol is mainly due to the governments' tax take of close to 50% on fuel ...however on the plus side you get to ride around some pretty varied scenery and roads ..get to all of the good rounds of moto gp and world sbk if thats your thing ...get all the bikes considered too eccentric for the US like sub 1000cc standards and trailies and europe is full of lovely europeans ..what more could you ask for ? gun laws?

The devaluated dollar is a good thing a$$wipe. It gives local producers an advantage when competing against foreign producers.

Besides, high gas prices will make biodiesel and ethanol use in motor vehicles economically viable.

Oh I forget, your rants about biodiesel are just talk and no action. You do not actually believe in that sh1t as you ride gasoline burning vehicles only ... if you did you would at least own one diesel.

Next time I decide to walk 120 miles for 10 bucks, I'll let you know. Until then, go buy your evian for $20/gal.
George Orwell’s 1984.

The UN and its incestuous sibling the EU government has a long-standing tradition of removing citizen’s rights to choose. Saving the citizens from themselves.
Re: George Orwell’s 1984.

Keep talking like that and I may learn to like you man.
I wear all the crap because I ride around Seattle drivers. Actually that stretch of i5 is often pretty good. Evenings it's almost always fine, as it is mid-day or weekends. I only open it up if there are no cars in the lane next to me at all, and only in the left lane. It's also a no cop area; they wait in north and south seattle for speeders.

I stick to sane speeds on surface streets.

I put on the gear every time I ride, unless I just feel like a jackass, which happens sometimes. I ride around Seattle drivers, so I pretty much have to. It doesn't take long.
"however on the plus side you get to ride around some pretty varied scenery and roads"

And in the US there aren’t roads with varied scenery? You're kidding me right?

"get to all of the good rounds of moto gp and world sbk if thats your thing"

Sure, that a plus for Europe. No argument there.

"get all the bikes considered too eccentric for the US like sub 1000cc standards and trailies"

Mmm … your ride a bike smaller than 1000cc? Shame …

"europe is full of lovely europeans"

We get to see Canadians. They’re basically the same but smell better.

"what more could you ask for ? gun laws?"

You tell me. We do not have much by the way of gun laws over here.

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Re: George Orwell’s 1984.

What have we here? A lefty that doesn’t like the UN?
Re: George Orwell’s 1984.

Interesting, Gabe thinks I'm far right, and you think I'm a lefty. I must be doing something right. Excuse me, I mean OK.
Better safe than sorry. I always wear my full face shoei, either leather or textile riding jacket and boots and gloves. If it's cold or wet I wear my JR ballistic overpants, the rest of the time I wear jeans.

Already starting to see guys in shirtsleeves and beanie helmets since it warmed up a little.... Not too bright.
Re: Oh Yeah?....

Well I think yer' some kinda commie-***-junkie-lefty-pinko-hippy myself, you and yer' fancy pants german moter-sickle...

what's wrong with a good ol' 'Murcan made Harley gat damm'it?
well i wasnt trying to start a competition or anything of course america is varied i mean you sell spicy chicken burgers in the macdonalds in the south and regular chicken burgers in the north...i do ride a bike below 1000cc in fact the largest capacity bike i own is 750cc..i have a couple of smaller displacement bikes also 250cc and 125cc..i have also owned 1300 cc bikes ..but the displacement really means nothing to me one way or the other its the fun i have riding them..each has its own niche....anyhow why dont you tour europe and find this stuff out for yourself ...i worked in the US for a while and enjoyed biking around and the new experiences ..i am sure most of you guys would really enjoy all europe has to offer from a biking perspective
Re: Hey longride.

Quit school, why fake it?
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