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Every Angel Who Isn't a G-Man Raise Your Hand.

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The Hells Angels are simply misunderstood. People just don't realize that rape, murder, and drug dealing are a fun and important part of the American motorcycling scene. I'll bet the part when the cow guts blew up was really cool.
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"that included gun and drug trafficking, extortion, rape and even murder", from article.

And here I thought the Repubs had no interest in sex (with consenting adults of the opposite sex that is). Oh... they're talking about the H.A.'s... Forget the small potatoes, go after w (We Knew Saddam Had W.M.D., we still have the receipts!) Before someone gets in a huff about the "Repub" thing, the "Dems" suck just as bad in a different way (there are "good"

ones on both sides of the aisle but not too many) IMHO.

After watching the A.T.F. murder those children at Waco...

Looks like they've got "shrub" and "sure shot" on Treason with the "Plume thing" interesting...

What was that about Building 7 W.T.C. again???

"We could end all this biker gang/drug crime crap tomorrow if we had the intelligence and guts to simply decriminalize drugs. But nooooooo! Too many vested interests getting rich from the illegal trade."

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Re: Yawn!

Why does everyone want to tax "drugs" after decriminalization? If we stop THAT stupid, unwinnable "War" we would realize Billions in windfall.
That's their story and they're stickin' to it!

Funny that 38% of Americans and 50% of NYC residents don't buy it, don't they know that the gov would never lie? There's a guy offering $1,000,000 (for reals) for anyone proving that the W.T.C. didn't come down at "free fall" (as if demolished, as opposed to the "stacked collapse" explanation advanced by the gov, which would take longer), wish someone would do that and shut those "non-believers" up.

Drop the sails and repel boarders! Keel hauling for any Man without blood on his sword!
Re: This is a two year old story

Whats he mean "go back to your drugs now"? In order to go back to something you'd first have to leave...



Have a documentary on the DVR from some WACKOS. "Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way" talks about bureaucracy run amok, Major governmental and press lies, lives lost and ruined... the usual.

All to toss the Mexicans... at least in the beginning...

Somebody should do something about the History Channel!

Re: Yawn!

Again, getting rid of the DEA and all the other Major infrastucture dedicated to this "War" in addition to what... HALF the Prison population of the U.S. (we lead the World!) will yield Billions and Billions of dollars of REDUCED costs.

How much graft, corruption and illegal activities would this move would stop, in the gov?

I wouldn't see any major costs associated with legalization that we don't have now. Why give the gov money to waste? This move could result in a surplus allowing our taxes to be lowered not raised.
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