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Every Angel Who Isn't a G-Man Raise Your Hand.

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The Hells Angels are simply misunderstood. People just don't realize that rape, murder, and drug dealing are a fun and important part of the American motorcycling scene. I'll bet the part when the cow guts blew up was really cool.
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Crap, I need to lay low, fly under the radar, maybe even disappear for awhile....I know, I'll call CNN!!
Re: Yawn!

Why does everyone want to tax "drugs" after decriminalization? If we stop THAT stupid, unwinnable "War" we would realize Billions in windfall.
Just join the Democrat(ic) party. They will protect you with hundreds of lawyers just like thay did for Billy.
Re: Yawn!

Tax the drugs some - put the money into rehab centers for the willing or those who cross the line because of a drug problem.
I thought it was millions of Vets. Good thing I was in too long ago to worry about it. Back then sarnali used to man the swivel gun in the mizzen top. My main duty was sponging out the cannon and ramming in a new charge. Sounds vaguely obscene.
I wish that I could get wasted on booze and coke and then smash through a police barricade and then assault an officer and finally only have to go to rehab. And then get re-elected! Good work if you can get it.

And New Englanders think they're smarter than everyone else? ROTFL!
and furthermore

I have an even funnier ATF/FBI incident. In northern Idaho there are some white seperatist militia type groups. They are mostly harmless nuts. However back in the 90's the Feds made a big deal about the these wackos. It was the usual BS where the Feds try to frighten the entire nation into giving away more rights and money to battle a non-existent problem. At the yearly seperatist rallies twice as many reporter idiots would show up as seperatist idiots.

A bunch of FBI and ATF agents infiltrated these groups and did their usual thing of trying to entice group members to commit crimes so they can be arrested. The ATF and FBI guys didn't let each other know what they were doing. Eventually there was a "big" bust. In the end it was ATF and FBI guys trying to arrest each other! ROTFL!
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No, I think it's "Stomp 'Em".

As in "If he wakes up your hungover head with his loud-ass stock-piped crotchrocket at the Godawful hour of 3:00 in the afternoon - Stomp 'Em"

Or "If he looks at your bike - Stomp 'Em"

Or even "If he's a Cop - Stomp 'Em" (no, wait - that's "if he's a Cop - cut 'em up and bury the pieces in the Desert: after you Stomp 'Em"

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Re: and furthermore


Or, ask a guy fifty times if he'll cut-down this shotgun for you. If you browbeat a man enough, he'll do it just to shut you the hell up and get you to GO AWAY.........
It was destroyed by Islamic terrorists?
Dont forget Rep. mckinney bypassing capital police officers and metal detectors with no identification. then refusing to stop when asked to. then continuing to refuse to to stop after directed to. then assaulting the police officer when she was made to stop. At least she DIDNT win re-election
Oh, but that was a bad hair day!

Well, hell, I'd sure rather live in Georgia than Massachoosits in the first place. The voters' wise decision to dump Cinny only seals the deal.
That's their story and they're stickin' to it!

Funny that 38% of Americans and 50% of NYC residents don't buy it, don't they know that the gov would never lie? There's a guy offering $1,000,000 (for reals) for anyone proving that the W.T.C. didn't come down at "free fall" (as if demolished, as opposed to the "stacked collapse" explanation advanced by the gov, which would take longer), wish someone would do that and shut those "non-believers" up.

Drop the sails and repel boarders! Keel hauling for any Man without blood on his sword!
Re: and furthermore

If you're talking about Ruby Ridge you forgot to add murder his children in front of him
That was a clear cut case of gender and race discrimination
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