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Every Angel Who Isn't a G-Man Raise Your Hand.

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The Hells Angels are simply misunderstood. People just don't realize that rape, murder, and drug dealing are a fun and important part of the American motorcycling scene. I'll bet the part when the cow guts blew up was really cool.
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This is a two year old story

There's already a book out on this since it happened two years ago.

"Angels of Death"

CNN is regurgitating the story.

You can go back to your drugs now.
It was destroyed by Islamic terrorists?
Re: and furthermore

That comes later, after you arrest and attempt to extort him to be an "insider" for you
Re: This is a two year old story

How WILL this affect the price of Crack in the 1600-block of Pennsylvania Avenue?
And now, without further ado...the man who will define this cancer eating at the heart of America...Dr. L. Ron Bumquist:

"The most efficient way for us to do this is for each one of us to try and attempt to imagine what it is like inside of the possessed mind of the addict.

For example a dope fiend refers to the reefer butt as a "roach" because it resembles a ****roach.

You will notice that I have distinguished four-- four distinct states of being in the cannabis or marijuana society.

They are: cool, groovy hip and square.

Seldom, if ever--If he figures out what is happening then he can rise one notch and become hip.

And then if he can convince himself to approve of what is happening then he becomes 'groovy'.


And then, after that, he can actually raise himself to the rank of cool. He can become one of those 'cool guys'."

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Re: This is a two year old story

Whats he mean "go back to your drugs now"? In order to go back to something you'd first have to leave...



Have a documentary on the DVR from some WACKOS. "Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way" talks about bureaucracy run amok, Major governmental and press lies, lives lost and ruined... the usual.

All to toss the Mexicans... at least in the beginning...

Somebody should do something about the History Channel!

Re: Every Angel Who Isn't a

16 arrests, didn't mention how many convictions. Betcha damned few. How about this, stop wasting the money, make "illegal drugs" legal, take all the money out of it and see what happens. Tax the crap out of it, giving money to the real gang of thieves and be done with it. I mean prohibition has such a great history in this country. But wait, they want to ban tobacco too, hmmm, bet that will help a lot...BTW, I live in a part of the country where the HA are not and basically give a rats a$$ about them...
In a manner of speaking....y

I think so, but not the way you are thinking. They are the Hells Angels, Koresh was a Hell's Angel. Big difference...
Hunter liked them just fine

he pissed one off and had to leave or get beaten...
Re: Yawn!

Again, getting rid of the DEA and all the other Major infrastucture dedicated to this "War" in addition to what... HALF the Prison population of the U.S. (we lead the World!) will yield Billions and Billions of dollars of REDUCED costs.

How much graft, corruption and illegal activities would this move would stop, in the gov?

I wouldn't see any major costs associated with legalization that we don't have now. Why give the gov money to waste? This move could result in a surplus allowing our taxes to be lowered not raised.
Yeah, you guys do that. I'll go comfort the cabin boy.
Just to keep things balanced, there's that guy in one of the Dakotas that killed a biker and had to go to bed without any dinner.
Re: Hunter liked them just fine

Actually, I think he did get beaten before he had to leave. He said something about BSAs being faster than Harleys, if I recall....
Re: Every Angel Who Isn't a

Amen. At least for Pot. If everyone can grow their own, I'm thinking the market collapses, and assholes quit planting the stuff in our National Forests and threatening people who are just trying to take a hike.

For the rest, I dunno, maybe we need a club to get people with a real problem to get into rehab. Get busted again, go TWICE as long. It would cost a lot, but I'm guessing not too many people would want to go a second, or third time. A friend of mine went through that. They monitor what music you listen to, don't let you make phone calls, and make your life pretty tough if you don't participate in group. It saved his life.
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