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There are many ways to fuel your habit (none of good mind you):

(1) Rob banks or sell drugs as you go and you'll have good reason to "pick up the pace" between stages. (2) Come up with the next infomercial "must have for $1" -- you'd be amazed how gullible people are and how quickly that'll add up. Then, with your rep, you can get some famous actors to join your cause. (3) Or, become a teacher and live frugally during the school seasons, so when holiday arrives you can take off for months at a time. (4) Get a sugar mama or daddy to spring for next adventure... though you'll have to pay for it between the sheets!

Hmmm... on second thought, maybe just get a better paying job or become famous on your own. I hear they're casting for the next American Idol and Survivor! *smirk*
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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