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Exclusive Test: 2006 Ducati SportClassic Paul Smart 1000LE

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Now that looks like a motorcycle, not a mass produced appliance. Air-cooled with no ugly radiator or plumbing to obstruct the classical lines.You can actualy see the chassis and engine. Hopefully it will have the same musical exhaust bark as the one Paul Smart rode.
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Re: **** Mann 750 L.E.

Another good idea would be for HONDA to design us a CBX with EFI and moderrn chassis bits.
Re: room for improvement ...

The super-extrean "riding position" of this sub-100 hp bike is all that stopped me from buying one, Showroom floor discussions with others told the same story. Ducati, please offer a SPORT with the Ohlins suspension and 2 up seating. Even at $15K I'd buy it.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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