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Exclusive Test: 2006 Ducati SportClassic Paul Smart 1000LE

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Now that looks like a motorcycle, not a mass produced appliance. Air-cooled with no ugly radiator or plumbing to obstruct the classical lines.You can actualy see the chassis and engine. Hopefully it will have the same musical exhaust bark as the one Paul Smart rode.
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Dimes to doughnuts,the japs will copy it,and they should.Maybe Kawi will get some sense back and bring back the old 1200 they dumped this year
Oh my, I've got goose bumps and that's not easy to do at my age. Well done on the review. I've been waiting for someone to write a report on these sport classics. I saw both the PS1000 and the S1000 in our local dealership and they are absolutely stunning. Ducati has done a great job of replicating the past while giving it modern mechanics. It is like no other bike on the road. I was going to buy a Thruxton but the Thruxton is like sitting on a kids toy bike compared to the Ducati.
Re: no video no party

sorry for whining...and i should've mentioned that it was a great article...thanks mr. yossef.
Can one wear black leather riding one of them Ducs or do I need an outfit that would make Rue Paul blush? ;-)
**** Mann 750 L.E.

yo Sarnali, you stole my thoughts. just after finishing writing this I said to myself: Gosh, eouldnt it be nice if honda did a street legal 70' "Daytona 200" CR750 replica?
I think this calls for a special "Studio 54" edition of leathers.

It comes complete with a puke pouch, pocket mirror with one rolled 20, Ziggy Stardust makeup kit and one emergency adrenaline shot.

Colors come in white with rhinestones and extra wide collar, pink and green with feathered cape, or baby blue with matching blue foam cowboy hat.

Ducati will also offer a Googlephonics stereo system with each retro bike.

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Where are all the nervous nellies byching about Yosef's pudding bowl helmet?
Another well written review Yossef! Always worth the price of subscription. The bike reminds me of why I fell in love with bikes to begin with when I was about 10 y.o. The pudding bowl was the icing on the cake!
Re: Hey

They're wrapping themselves in bubble wrap and posting more items on
I saw the Sports Classics bikes in 2003 in New York.

It was wierd, no big sign, just the three bikes sitting there.

I had to walk up to one of the guys and ask him 20 questions.

Then I had to email Ducati to build them.

The bikes were beautiful reinterpretations of classic bikes.

Retro maybe predictable, maybe the right direction, if you belive like I do that over complicated one dimentional, all new is the wrong direction.

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room for improvement ...

as long as ducati is going to inflict extreme ergonomic pain on its customers they may as well take it a step or two further:

1) handlebar electrodes that deliver painful shocks at random.

2) shift levers with tiny pricks that puncture feet and leave you bleeding in your boots.

3) solo seat made of mahogany.

remember, ducati, any job worth doing is worth doing right ...
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The fairing looks awful, like a lump of bubble gum stuck on the handlebars. It's not the fairing used at Imola. That fairing would have been astonishingly cool.
Re: **** Mann 750 L.E.

Another good idea would be for HONDA to design us a CBX with EFI and moderrn chassis bits.
Re: room for improvement ...

The super-extrean "riding position" of this sub-100 hp bike is all that stopped me from buying one, Showroom floor discussions with others told the same story. Ducati, please offer a SPORT with the Ohlins suspension and 2 up seating. Even at $15K I'd buy it.
It is not just about is about charisma. I was three years old in 1972, but I love the sport classics. I really look forward to seeing the GT.

They should have done this ten years ago. They should stop trying to compete head-to-head with the Japanese and do their own thing.
OK...I was 14 and into motorcycling big time. Now I'm pushing fifty. How are my wrists, back and hips gon'a feel after an hour on my new/old dream bike!
Horribly written article on a very interesting machine. Talk about a storey that goes no where. Was it written by Grandpa Simpson. I couldn't even finish reading the article. Too bad.
One thing they should have done is a passenger seat, a small not comfortable one maybe but people do need to transport their girlfriend for time to time.
Ok, I give... what's a "bevel drive"?

Oh, BTW, I thought Yossef's article was very good.
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