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2001 R1
I am stationed in okinawa japan and i was getting tired of all the corrosion & rust so i tore everything down for powdercoat and paint and got a little carried away i powder coated everthing i could possably coat and painted even headlight assy and switch gaurds to match while i was at i decided supension needed help ohlins rear and ohlins valves race tech springs for the front. and it continued on and on and on till this is what i ended up with my baby that i call releaf because the project is over and i can ride once again :grin:

Ohlins rear shock
Ohlins valves & race tech springs in front forks
Yoshimura full RS3 titanium exhaust
Brembo oversized rotors & calipers
Hafer-tuning gas cap and mirrors
520 sprocket conversion
Koso gauge cluster
HID kit
Custom seats
Powdercoat and paint front to rear
and thats all i can remember for now

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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