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i got to sell my baby, college is getting a little too expensive, here we go: i'm selling my 06 yzf600r thundercat for $5,200. obo. a little backstory about this bike, its my first bike. i taught myself how to ride a motorcycle on this and i did fall over coming to a stop at a stop sign. there are minor scratches on the left fairing and stator cover. they are not deep, cuz u can move your hand over it and not feel anything but smooth. in the fall somehow i managed to chip a small 1in. x 1in. piece in the wheel fender. also, i dont know how they got there but there are 2 very small white scratches on the tail piece by the passenger hand grips. also, the speedometer back light will not light up above 100mph. i never do any night riding so i never got this fixed. unless you plan on excessive speeding at night there shouldn't be any problem.

i have added flushmounts but i lost the screw to one side so i taped it on. i just never have gotten around to gluing it on properly. everything works the way it's suppose to so other than the above mentioned little flaws, the bike and engine is in perfect condition. the thundercat is no longer manufactured so this is a great deal at getting one of the last ones made with really really low miles.

all the pics can be found here: katalystxxl18 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

the engine has right under 4 thousand miles and runs perfectly. i'm asking $5,200 obo for the bike because kelly blue book values it between 4,800 and 6,200. if your interested in this bike please feel free to either email me at [email protected] or call me at 228-229-8981 you can reach me anytime of day or night. thanks for looking!
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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