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2004 Honda RS 125 for sale. Crank, Clutch, Steering head bearings, swing arm bearings all replaced 250 miles ago. Bike come with mods and spares. Some listed below.

Bike comes with:
  • Frame Black Power Coated
  • Mounted Ram air Box
  • Coil mounts re-welded on side frame (to allow for Ram-air box
  • Radiator modified to accept Ram air snorkel
  • PVM Wheels
  • Battle Rear Sets
  • Frame Sliders
  • VHM Head
  • Samba Pipe and Muffler

some spares include:

  • Spare inserts for leaded or unleaded fuel for VHM head
  • Spare PVM rear wheel
  • Spare Front & Rear Sprockets
  • Spare Main Jets, Power Jets, Pilot Jets


call 508-801-3958 with any questions.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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