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Farewell to Those Motorcycle Days.

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How am I going to make a smart-ass comment on this one if I don't want to register for the Tribune online?
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I didn't even read it, the last thing I want to hear is some idiot f*cknut crying about his lost youth. Choke on a shotgun and go to hell f*ckin' crybaby.
Why do you even put sh*t like this in here? some bozo decides gee I better grow up now....these murdersickles are just too dangerous. Give me a f*ckin' break. Plus it's bullsh*t anyway, " I sold it to a kid barely out of high far he's still alive though he's laid the Harley down a time or two. What High school kid even wants aHarley, and which one can afford one?.... Must have been that one ******* on here awile back that was trying to convince us that sh*tting himself, locking up the rear brake and dropping the bike was what he planned to do.

What a bunch of sh*t.
There's nothing wrong with deciding to give up riding, it's a personal decision. What I in particular object to is the need to justify your decision by splattering it all over the newspaper and internet. All that is is self agrandizment and self justification..."motorcycles are too dangerous...people die everyday on motorcycles"...well guess what, they die in cars and airplanes, boats, golf carts or carrying the garbage can out to the curb. Life is a terminal proposition here, nobody gets out alive.

I do believe it can happen to me, but I do what I can to mitigate the chances and consequences by dressing properly and riding within my comfort zone, I maintain my situational awareness and I stay out of blind spots. I would rather not die on a bike and if I did it wouldn't be "at least something I love" I'd be just dead. If I had my druthers I'd rather check out as a 100 year old f*ckin' a sheep or something ....

This guy is a crybaby looking to justifiy his decision by moaning about it in print. f*ck him. If he doesn't want to ride fine, sell the bike and be done with it. Don't try to justifiy it to me because I don't want to know.
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I just drop her off at the Greyhound station. I don't know where she goes after that.
well yeah, kinda' like a two fer one deal eh?
1 - 5 of 115 Posts
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