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Farewell to Those Motorcycle Days.

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How am I going to make a smart-ass comment on this one if I don't want to register for the Tribune online?
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I started to feel like that once, that riding was a stupidly risky thing to do. All of the dangers paraded through my head. And I looked at the statistics. But gross statistics don't apply to people who ride sensibly, who have rider training, and who know when it's a good idea to go flat out and when it's not. The statistics also don't apply to people with Aerostitch suits in that lovely screaming yellow that "can be seen in the dark by the blind." I also wear a full coverage helmet, have a headlight modulator and always wear boots and gloves. When it's hot I leave the 'Stitch home and wear upper body armor. My cure for feeling scared about biking is a very curvy road on my XB12Ss. Lean it in deep and as you come out of the corner, feed power to the rear tire. As you straighten up, give it more. At this point, you may or may not consider wiping the grin off your face.

I guess I'm just an immature bastard. I am 55. When I hit middle age, I will consider switching to a sidecar rig, but only if I have to.

Like the song says: "Don't fear the Reaper."


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Dylan Thomas

Sorry I didn't think of it first. The old drunk welshman could write some poetry. Thanks.

1 - 2 of 115 Posts
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