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Farewell to Those Motorcycle Days.

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How am I going to make a smart-ass comment on this one if I don't want to register for the Tribune online?
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I didn't even read it, the last thing I want to hear is some idiot f*cknut crying about his lost youth. Choke on a shotgun and go to hell f*ckin' crybaby.
Why do you even put sh*t like this in here? some bozo decides gee I better grow up now....these murdersickles are just too dangerous. Give me a f*ckin' break. Plus it's bullsh*t anyway, " I sold it to a kid barely out of high far he's still alive though he's laid the Harley down a time or two. What High school kid even wants aHarley, and which one can afford one?.... Must have been that one ******* on here awile back that was trying to convince us that sh*tting himself, locking up the rear brake and dropping the bike was what he planned to do.

What a bunch of sh*t.
And a heart attack 2 1/2 years ago woke me up to the fact that I'd better get busy living with all the passion I can muster. The guy is dead inside already. Best to bury him now before he farts out any more crap like that.

I'm with you... I have a disease and I look at it the exactly the same wayyou looked at your heart attack. Live life to its fullest i.e by riding...Great post Rubble.
I started to feel like that once, that riding was a stupidly risky thing to do. All of the dangers paraded through my head. And I looked at the statistics. But gross statistics don't apply to people who ride sensibly, who have rider training, and who know when it's a good idea to go flat out and when it's not. The statistics also don't apply to people with Aerostitch suits in that lovely screaming yellow that "can be seen in the dark by the blind." I also wear a full coverage helmet, have a headlight modulator and always wear boots and gloves. When it's hot I leave the 'Stitch home and wear upper body armor. My cure for feeling scared about biking is a very curvy road on my XB12Ss. Lean it in deep and as you come out of the corner, feed power to the rear tire. As you straighten up, give it more. At this point, you may or may not consider wiping the grin off your face.

I guess I'm just an immature bastard. I am 55. When I hit middle age, I will consider switching to a sidecar rig, but only if I have to.

Like the song says: "Don't fear the Reaper."


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Ya, this guy is dead already, who the f*** cares, etc., until he starts lobbying to outlaw "those dangerous murdersickles." It's assholes like this who end up trying to tell the rest of us how to live. *******.
So, will I beat the odds? Nah, I'm gonna die, as will the kid who has got my old Harley-Davidson

Does this mean you have a pair of ass-less chaps for sale or does he still wear them in his Volvo.
I had a heart transplant 2 years ago and the donor was highly likely a biker. I've been riding for 40 years and the first thing I did when I recovered was get on my bike and ride as far as I could. Life is to be embraced for it's passions and motorcycling is one of mine ,why would I ever quit?If my donor was indeed a biker I'm sure he would be proud of me
Life has nothing left for him, if all he's doing is 'staring glassy-eyed' towards a coffin at a future date. I wonder that he can eat food at all, since he might choke on a bone or a stick of celery. He should throw out all sharp implements, since they can cut flesh. Wear long sleeves and hats all the time; you never know when the UV's gonna give you cancer--while he's at it, don't pump your own gas, since breathing the fumes can do the same. In fact, you can still die driving, or bicycling, or walking for chrissake, so don't leave the house. Oh, no! How will he make a living, if he can't get to work?

What a sorry excuse for a mortal being. He needs to eat a gun or something, because he hates living.
I don't get it.

the guy's thesis is basically "I'm afraid to die, living is dangerous, therefore, I'll give up living so that I won't die." Absolutely ridiculous! Motorcycling has given me some of the greatest moments of joy that I have known. I'm not so afraid of dying that I'm willing to give up that which makes my life worth living.

what a bunch of bunk!
"drama, bleakness and regret" are PREVENTED by riding!

Sad, but if he wants a slow boring death, so be it....ya' big *****!
This is obviously just a cry for help - he should be found and forced to ride two-up with Kpaul.

Sorry Kpaul. Don't make any plans for Sunday.
He'll die of a heart attack on the crapper... What an inane and stupid article. Like someone already said, he's dead already....
That's just plain giving up! Think of how enjoyable it would be to hear this old man's teeth clackin' at 130 a milk crate, no less!
Since when does anyone need information to make a smart ass comment. I think it's actually easier, if you have no idea what you're talking about.
This poor soul needs a memorial service for he is already dead. He just needs to find a hole, crawl in it, and pull the dirt in behind him. Sad, very sad indeed. WAAAAAAA! Sniff Snifff
I think more people should be able to realize that they shouldn't be on the road. If the guy doesn't feel he should ride and sells his bike I say more power to him. I wish more people that drive cars would realize they should give it up.
LOL good one
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