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Farewell to Those Motorcycle Days.

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How am I going to make a smart-ass comment on this one if I don't want to register for the Tribune online?
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Yet another one who waits 2 seconds at every 4 way stop. You're either a pu$$ie or a liar. Of course it's worse to drive or ride drunk than it is to speed. That's why drunks go to jail, and speeders get 100 dollar tickets. You think every law is correct and should be obeyed? Let's talk about EPA regulations of straight pipes. Keep your story straight there jacko.
Don't forget that since he's come around now and realizes the stupidity of motorcycles he's also influencing public opinion by sh!tting out this crap that makes non-riders think we're stupid and he's smart. Self-aggrandizement at our expenses.

Your points were well taken of course as well.
Remind me why I care about your opinion asswipe?

I keep on forgetting ....
PS, asswipe, the EPA regulation posts are on another thread.

A friendly tip.

Do not post when you are drunk. You tend to expose yourself for the ******* you are ... jacko
well yeah, kinda' like a two fer one deal eh?
Hey, I like the idea,Semi Auto Football,sponsored by Colt industries.

Thost that make it to the NFL will all be Hall of Famers.
This guy wants to pick the time--age 110--and place--nursing home.

At that age he can ONLY get arrested for "assault with a dead weapon."

Likewise he believes that being all gorked up on meds,crapping your diapers, strapped to a gurney are all the things to strive for.

IV hookups,pissing yourself,not knowing anybody/anything, now that`s a dignified wat to go out.
I don't know if this guy realizes it yet, but he's already dead. He's living just to live longer, and giving up things that he enjoys.

Kind of reminds me of a joke I heard in my teens: "I knew a guy who gave up fattening foods, red meat, sex, and drugs. He was perfectly healthy right up until the suicide."

Well, as I write this from a hotel in Saudia Arabia (travel advisory anyone) we all have to take risks. The therapetic value of riding my bike far outweighs the risks, untold please, with 4 of our 6 family members riders, riding together is one of the greatest things we can do. We also ski, travel overseas to "dangerous" places and love each other and life.

I also respect the choice of others, but if we ran our lives based on statistics, we would not get out of bed in the morning. Or at least very carefully.

Year before last, on my way up Hwy 1 to Laguna, I was stopped by a cop for riding past about 50 stopped cars waiting at a one-way-at-a-time stretch. Of course with my helmet on he couldn't tell how old I was; so he said, "How long have you been riding like that!?"

I said, "Fifty-two years."

That took him back a little, but after a short pause he said, "Well when are you gonna grow up!?"

I said, "That isn't in my plan."

He gave up with the lecture stuff, but he made me wait until all 50 cars went by.

It took me maybe ten minutes to repass them all - it was good fun.

This year I started racing at WSMC. Too old for MX now.

Brent Meeker
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Truly a sad commentary. I mean, the guy does have some other options. It reminded me of a recent quote (can't recall who said it): Five days a week I treat my body like a temple. Two days a week I treat it like an amusement park.

Now, at age 57 I ride my bike ('04 Vulcan Nomad) to work at least three days a week and weekends are reserved for long rides. Since I live in West Central FL, I do this 12 months out of the year. I'll continue to do this until I get too old and decrepit to ride, or I bite the big one.

[email protected]
to quote my hero All Pacino "you get killed walkin' your doggy!" I think it was from heat not sure though. as far as the risk involved in motorcycling, it is minor compared to other worries like heart desiese which still kills more americans than any other cause. of course I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.
I don't think I was complaining about the ticket. I was maiking a point about risk management. Everybody speeds in SoCal to some degree or another.

Was it Allan Girdler who wrote a great edit piece on how he had no patience or use for people who "used to ride motorcycles?" I bet JB knows.

Whenever I run across one of these folks, I'm usually polite but looking at my watch, pointedly. I've lost count of the guys who tell me they "rode everywhere until the kids were born." These types usually follow it up with some story of a drunken wheelie through the front yard with the pregger wifey looking on. It's at this point I agree: "motorcycles are dangerous, 'scuse me, gotta get rolling."

Man, those types are even worse than the nurses with the endless ER "abrasion lavage" stories.

I'm 52 and have been riding for 42 years. I have 4 bike and ride daily.

"You don't stop riding because you get old, you'll get old if you stop riding"
Dylan Thomas

Sorry I didn't think of it first. The old drunk welshman could write some poetry. Thanks.

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