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Faster Movie Releases ... spread the word

Even better than the DVD is that the movie has been picked up for wider cinema distribution. Check out this press release from the director, find out if there are screenings in your area, and help spread the word.


Slamdance goes On The Road across the USA with Mark Neale's critically acclaimed MotoGP documentary FASTER beginning September 2, 2004.

Following several successful local screenings FASTER has been pushed up the distribution rankings to compete on the front line with the big boy Studio releases. Not bad for a 100% independently made picture! Plus, the film

has been transferred to 35mm film in Dolby® 5.1 digital sound!

You can see when and where FASTER is going to play by going to

You can help us to promote the movie: we indies don't have the big print and

advertising budgets of the Hollywood studios so your word is much appreciated and very important to us. Also, if you would like to receive posters and/or postcards to distribute to your friends and customers please do not hesitate to let Kate at Slamdance know by e-mail. Her address is

[email protected]

All the best,

The Faster & Slamdance Team
1 - 1 of 40 Posts
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