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Just a note to add to the article that you can do a track day on most any bike you've got in the garage. I often see cruisers and dual sports out. For most people you'll develop more skills in a track day with instruction than you will in 10K miles of riding.
Two years ago I was running a track day and had lapped a guy on a Harley a couple of times, the last time in a corner, with plenty of room to start with, but he ran way wide so I squeaked by him closer than I would have tried to. He came up to me after the event, and at first I thought he was pissed, but he had this smile on his face that went from ear to ear. He said he felt like Rossi getting passed by a sport bike (actually a Ducati ST4s) in a corner. At the time Rossi wasn't getting passed in corners, but the sentiment was legit. Do one day this year, and you'll never stop.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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