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Father and Son Team Know Motorcycle Racing.

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I'll let someone else say first
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Sounds like an ideal life, and less annoying than some motorcycle-building families on cable. I wonder if Buell is interested in any of their modifications.

Great story...I thought it was informative and well written.thanks MO.... Even though I give Buellers a hard time I secretly lust for a Firebolt..Maybe Buell should give these guys a XBRR...
They really give fourth-place trophies?

Reminds me of the "Gaylord Focker wall of achievements".

Good for this kid, I wish I was in a position to race a little, but I barely have the time to do a regular track day once every couple of months. Well, maybe my kids one day.
Personally, I can't wait till these guys 'move up to amatuer' I think we'll find out how good they are for sure then.
One would think a man of your means could easily afford such a trivial expenditure.
Right I have two daughters and a wife (professional student) that have to go to college, both daughters had braces, violin, dance and voice lessons.. Some of us are the bottom of the Amway pyramid..Buz you are at the top.
The most important line in the whole article, "I'm just having fun right now."

I can tell which one of you took "violin"

Go sneak your balls out of your wife's purse and get yourself a buell. You know you want JB to like you. You will be in the brotherhood too.
Re: Please.

KSquid in the GPTB?

Time to buy some lottos.
Re: Please.

Hmmmm, my old account that expired two months ago seems to be intact if I post from my girlfriend's PC. Perhaps I should conjure up a persona of my own.

chstbtr perhaps?
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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