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Film on Mike Hailwood in production!

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be worth seeing it at the theater if they get the authentic sound of that honda!
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Sometime in the middle sixties, I had a recording of the Honda 250 six ( on a record, not a tape!) by some obscure european label that had a bunch of gp bikes of the time. It is the most incredible racing engine I have ever heard, except for that 1.5 litre engine that was in Honda's mid sixties gp car that Ritchey Ginther won the Mexican grand prix with.
I believe that at least one of the Honda sixes is (are?) in private hands and are run for exhibition in some vintage events. Does anybody know anything about where they are today?

I seem to remember reading about them somewhere. The motojournilist reporting the event was impressed that the owner would actually run the bike!

John Maclaughlin was gifted or loaned one by Honda around 1960 after Honda quit racing it. Ed Kretz, Jr rode it at Willow Springs once. Ed started off, then there was a large cloud of dust at turn one. I asked him what happened and he laughed and said that it was faster than he thought - he entered turn one at about 130mph and didn't make it. Maybe ask John if he still has it. It would be a lot better than a recording.
There will be one on display @ the World Golf Village near St. Augustine Florida for the Riding into History event this spring. Thanks to Nobby Clark, tuner for Mike Hailwood as well as Kenny Roberts and Jim Redmond. For more info, go to
I have a recording "Silver Arrows" that John Morton gave me (ex Jag racer). It has recordings of the V-16 Auto Union P Wagen & W125 Mercedes at Avis & The Ring. First you hear the supercharger whine, then the exhaust. Stunning. And those guys did it in short sleeve polo shirts & porridge pot lids.

Never again...
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