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FIM GP Round 2, Welkom

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First post? Hey, I hate to say it, as much as I love Kenny, I don't think Suzuki is going to give him what he needs. I hope it's not a repeat of Criville's performance last year after he was champ in 99.
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Honestly, I think it's just a problem with the new Suzuki being new. Given Roberts' development skill, I think their current form is temporary and we'll soon see the champ contending once again.

I hope to see them winning in time for Kenny to have a go at the Championship.

You got that right, Sunshine!

Rossi is the ruler supreme.
Rossi is a really good rider on Great Machinery. Take out Doohan and Burgess, he's average. Kenny is a Great Rider. Winning on a machine with less power and less developement. Wait until next year, it will get real stupid. Great Riders may get less than capable machinery.
Rossi is a phenominal rider, quite possibly the most naturally talented rider to ever ride a GP bike. He has been world champion in the second year of riding in 125s, 250s and now maybe 500s. Incredible! How old is he, 21? Wow! He has a great bike, everyone on a Honda and Yamaha seem to, and maybe the Yamaha is even better than the Honda. Roberts is great but I think Suzuki has let him down, and with Rossi and the Yamaha Boys it is going to be tough going for him.
What's it like being an idiot? I've always wondered.

Roberts is old news. Yeah, right.

Rossi is a helluva rider, but counting Roberts out is just plain stupid. Counting his POS Suzuki out, that is another story. Still, he will be able to bring that bike along and be in the thick of things in the fall.
I think that Roberts can be counted out for this year and maybe the next if Suzuki can't help him out a little. The development will be there next year, but Honda and Yamaha are already seriously into race-developing their 4-stroke bikes, Yamaha in particular having Kocinski test as well as having Biaggi and friends out to ride the thing around some over the winter.

The two men to watch will be Rossi and McCoy this year, but I'd almost bet the bank on Rossi if he can stay on the tires. He easily would have won it last year if he'd been riding entire races all season instead of spending the first four of them in the pits after his latest get-off. Watch Haga to take some people by surpirse too!
These GP bikes have so much power, it is all about the riders talent and the setup. It is going to be a battle between Roberts and Rossi. May the best man win!!!!!
This year it will be between Rossi and Biaggi, McCoy a bit. Suzuki will suck big time (sad for Roberts). Haga will keep fallin` (although he is very fast and damn good rider) and West Honda boys will be fast on Fridays and Saturdays. Criville must be wondering- why can`t I open the throttle like in `99?!
Re: Rossi average??? Are you on crack!

Take out doohan and burgess....uhh excuse me but how do you explain his 125 and 250 titles??? Both of which were won without the 2 gentleman mentioned above. They are without a doubt invaluable to him, but come on.....average?? as good as retired since he no longer has Doohan around to get setup info on. That has been very obvious...has he even finished in the top

5 in the last 2 yrs?

Quit wondering and look in the mirror. Roberts won his championship with average performances based on consistency. He will be relegated to 10th place this year where he belongs.

The real contenders had off years last year. Rossi was new, Biaggi couldn't support the weight of his ego, McCoy didn't get the support he needed.

All these guys have accomplished much it their racing, multiple championships, and demonstrated their outrageous talent. Roberts got lucky with help from his family, and a Suzuki team that gave him superior handling equipment in a year when Honda somehow dropped the ball with the switch to unleaded fuel.

Roberts is talented, but not repeat World Champ material.
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Yes,it looks like Suzuki have gone backwards especially

compared to all those Yamahas out there.Suzuki don't even get the number

of S.A. GPs correct,this is actually the seventh.There were three at the old Kyalami,one at the new Kyalami( newer?) and this will be the third at Phakisa
I can't believe all the people trashing Roberts. It's been 1 race and you guys are counting him out already.

Sure Rossi is good and with the support he has he should be a contender like last year. Biaggi as well if he can stay healthy this year.

Roberts is off to a slow start but to count him out for the entire year after just one race is foolish. Let's not forget the ugly highside he suffered from a stuck throttle. If my memory serves me correctly he was leading and pulling away from the field. I won't say he would have won but surely the odds were on his side. Also he chunked a tire and fell way back while WAY out in front. Once again anything could have happened but had he not crashed nobody was going to catch him. Still he pulled off a handful of wins and was consistant enough to hold off Rossi and win the championship. When riders run into bad fortue like that and still win the championship they are lucky. It is the consistancy that wins the championships.

At any rate I think anyone that counts Roberts out at this early stage of the game is crazy. Though I do agree he will have a tough time at it this year with Rossi and a healthy Biaggi. Only time will tell.
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Regardless of what you think, he is World Champ material, he won the championship. Oh wait, you mean "repeat world champ". Well regardless, all this "what if" crap is nonsense. What if Biaggi and Rossi (Doohan for that matter) were on Suzukis, could they win the title? Roberts won on a bike which was not superior to the others. He won with skill and consistency. That's what it takes. Winning a few races and crashing out of the rest does not win championships.

I don't debate that Rossi is a great rider, and may in fact win the championship. But why should that take away from Roberts accomplishment in 2000? Rossi is still not even single time 500GP champ, so he's done less in that class than Roberts.
Perhaps you are right. He has one more championship than I do. I don't think the Suzuki is as bad as most people think. It won the championship didn't it (your argument)?

My opinion on Roberts is based on his failure to get results when the bike isn't right. His dad did. Doohan did. Eddie, Max...Most champions can. He is still young. I think that last years championship was the worst in memmory, as most races were fairly boring.

Most of my opinion is based on his complaining that he couldn't go out and blast everyone because of his championship position. Then he said he was going to go out and kick butt in the last races, but he came up short.

Time will tell, and it's only my opinion. Rossi has world championships in two classes, and finds ways to win. That is what will make him champ again, instead of whining about his bike.
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If Roberts grabs the Suzuki by the balls and starts winning, I'll eat my words. I, and I can only speak for myself, am not counting Robers out due to one race. He won the championship last year with consistent finishes, and it certainly worked for him. I still root for the hare, though, not the tortoise.

Winning races is what makes a championship in my mind. Coming in consistently in the top five may garner the title, but it also comes with the ho-hum legacy that he has, though he is still young. We'll see if he can do it again.
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