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First Commercially Available Diesel Bike

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It´s not the first commercially available diesel bike: there have been several in Germany - based on Royal Enfield frame and various low-tech diesel engines.

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first commercially available in the US, probably. but there have been diesel bikes elsewhere in the world.

wups. too late. thats what you get for looking for a link first. haha! but not just germany. I think the first diesel enfield was in India, the Enfield Robin. Our milkman used to deliver milk on one and I recall as a child being mystified by the wierdness of it.

anyway, another good link on a diesel bullet.

Nice idea, but telling us how much torque it produces and how it can 'kill' BMW GSs misses the point. What really matters is how much fuel it uses. Or, better still, doesn't.
And exactly how big is the market for this bike? GS killer, what a joke! May be, just may be, a KLR killer at three to four times the cost.
How does that torque come into play? Quick off the line, hill climbing, towing? I'm guessing it doesnt equate to a lot of hp or top speed, so rpms must stay low. Maybe someone who's not a smart ass can enlighten us on torque vs. hp in a diesel, weight considerations etc.
Motorcycles have typically been linked with passion here in the USofA. That is just about the most dispassionate machine I've ever looked upon. I wish them luck and they sure are gonna need it. And do remember that diesel fuel lubes up a tire right quick so be careful out there kiddies.
So how exactly is this coming to the U.S.? They haven't appointed a distributer yet, but all the bikes are spoken for.

"we have received more than 2000 purchase requests already," Vegt told Gizmag. "For now we will only target the EU market, but we have already appointed a U.S. distributor which will be announced in 2007."

"the world is drowning in burned fossil fuels."

Good thing there is no hyperbole in this article. Those gizmag guys sound real objective.

You owe me one Fenton!
I didn't know the Rocket III made twice the torque of any other motorcycle.
Teach me to fish, oh great master of the troll.
Haha... gotta love the circa '82 Orwellian bike motif they've got going... it looks like a patrol bike for the jack-booted oppressive state of the future! Maybe a rag tag group of Xanadu rejects will rise up against the manufacturer!
It'd look more impressive if it wasn't mounted with wheels that look like they're from a Honda Cub.
Life in Denial i.e Stay the Course crowd.

Well well well! The GPTB is in denial again. Nothing new from the stay the course crowd. First it was the W fan club thing. Then there was the we have to go to war in Iraq for WMD thing. Then stay the course thing both for W and for Harley Davidson. Compared to kpaul, the GMP, the imperial weasels of the GPTB, Buz, longide, and seruzawa have a dismal record for predicting the future. They ridiculed my predictions on V-Twins, V-4s, biodiesel, W, the War, the massive budget deficits (the GPTB doesn't believe it matters). Now they have ridiculed my suggestions for Buell offering more stay the course short-sighted stuff. By the way gentlemen gas prices are rising again after election. Coincidence? I think not..
Cool link Haru thanks.. longride and Buz have ridiculed the idea of diesel bikes and biodiesel
Re: Life in Denial i.e Stay the Course crowd.

It's called parroting not predicting.
Re: Life in Denial i.e Stay the Course crowd.

I guess fuel prices below 2 bucks a gallon (except in Blue states) mean gas prices are going up.
Re: Life in Denial i.e Stay the Course crowd.

By the way gentlemen gas prices are rising again after election. Coincidence? I think not..

Gas went down $0.02/gal in my area since the election.

Maybe the Republicans forgot about the middle of the country?

Oh, and KP - for God's Sake - PUT THE CRACKPIPE AWAY!!

Do it for the Children, Man!
Re: Life in Denial i.e Stay the Course crowd.

Funny. There's only one person here who's been making predictions. All his ranting about "W/foxnews lovers" is delusory, as usual.

Better yet. There's a new process for extracting oil from shale that is likely to make middle eastern sources superfluous. There's enough shale in Colorado and Utah to meet our needs for 200 years.
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