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first day of kindergarten > show and tell

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alrighty then. first point of business in Hadley's Hope: if this is to be the nexus of MO's suzuki towne, what say we introduce ourselves and post some information about our iron steeds? what pilot you, squire? and why? please, try to keep your posts reality-oriented for those that might be considering a first big bike - or even just a change of wheels.

i suppose i'll start. my name's fumanchu, and i drive the luxurious and highly exclusive 1999 Bandit 600S. a widely sought-after and highly prized motorcycle, the bandit lavishes it's rider with accouterments that don't betray it's prohibitive price tag. among those appurtenances are a revolutionary multi-cylinder engine ingeniously designed to dissipate unwanted heat directly into the surrounding air, front and rear suspension - and not least of all, handle bars to help keep you in control of the massive 39 pound-feet of torque this refined land-rocket produces. as one would expect with a premium-class motorbike, front and rear wheels are standard equipment on all bandits.

entry into the fold of the banditisti isn't without its costs, but being a bandit owner often changes the way the world looks at you.
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I owned a '91 GSX1100G (the Mighty G)from '97 to '07. Put 75K on it. It definitely sold me on the rock solid superiority of the air-oil-cooled engine. But faced with the necessity to replace the carbs I recently sold it and bought a used ZRX1100. Well, actually the G was so versatile that I also had to buy an '80 1100 Gold Wing to meet the two up touring requirements that the G was able to meet.

I also had an '82 GS1100L for a year. Good reliable bike but rather boring.

Currently I'm putting together an '80 DR400 that I picked up for $40. Should be on the trail next month.

Of the Big4 manufacturers I'd say that Suzuki currently has more models I'd like to own than the other three put together. (None from Honda). Heck I'd even still like to pick up one of those much maligned TL1000s.
ZRX1100 jetting

No, typicaly adding just a can won't require a re jet. Changing the intake will like the 2 inch mod or just yanking the snorkle. The only intake changes I made are a stock replacement K&N and trimming the snorkle to gain a little more airbox volume. The bike is running a hair lean as evidenced by barely perceptible surging when cold but overall it runs like a swiss watch and I don't think I could get it any closer without a gas sniffer and a dyno.

Bear in mind I have the 21 in street core, if you went to the 17 or 14 in. competition core then it might be an issue because of higher exhaust flows.
I had to put the stock can back on my ZRX because I got tired of sounding like I'm at the firing range. It also did a lot of popping on compression braking and I figured I wasn't doing my exhaust valves much good. So adding a YoshiRS3 or equivalent bolt-on definitely requires rejetting. I'm not willing to park it for the time it takes to install the holeshot jetting kit so I'll be rejetting this winter.
easy midrange fix

no worries - i appreciate the thoughts. i didn't realize how different the 1st and 2nd generation B6 plants were (which apparently, they are). from the 2000 bandit 600s review:

"The [2nd generation] bandit 600S is a vastly improved motorcycle."

"Feeding the engine are new Keihin CVR 32mm carburetors with a throttle position sensor (TPS) that helps keep the ignition system in tune to what throttle setting the rider has set, thereby allowing the ignition system to adjust its map settings accordingly. The TPS, along with dual maps -- one for cylinders one and four and another for cylinders two and three -- allows the ignition system to optimize engine performance."

<thinking out loud> i suppose before i get distraught about the flat spot in my carburetion, i should see if that's just part and parcel with the design - maybe what i'm experiencing was one of the reasons Y2K bandit 600s received a new carb setup. it's just interesting that the flatness between 4 and 5k rpm only reared it's ugly head after i had the carbs sync'd, which leads me to believe that the previous owner's husband had 'tuned around' this design flaw somehow. (he did say that he does all of the work on their hayabusa himself - so he might have the skillz. additionally, the shop said that my carbs had been "voll verstellt" - the settings had been "radically changed" at sometime before i owned it.) the shop might have simply returned the carburetion to (flawed) spec during the 6,000km service. things that make you go hmmm. </thinking out loud>
Midrange carburetion is controlled by the needle. Adjusting the idle screws won't change midrange leanness.

My '91 GSX1100G also had midrange lean problems. A fix I found at the defunct GSX1100G website was to put a thick plastic washer under each needle to raise it. The same fix should work on the 600. Newer carbs no longer have notches for adjusting the needles. (The EPA freaks out.) It's an easy fix. All you have to do is remove the fuel tank and you can remove the carb tops, remove the needles, place 1/8" thick plastic washers in the needle seats and replace the needles.

You can see if there's a Holeshot jet kit. But the washer fix is really quick and simple and might just do the trick.
It's the...

Pilot jet?
... pilot air screw I believe.
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