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First Ride: 2006 Kawasaki Ninja® 650R

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Might get me to trade my bandit.
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I agree that gas mileage is often not discussed by the media but we should change that. Aren't we wasting enough gas already and shouldn't all journalists take the lead to force the industry to build bikes that are powerful, as well as efficient? This is particularly true for a "commuter" bike. If you are correct that this bike can go 140 miles for a full tang, the gas mileage is only around 34MPG, and it sucks, in my opinion, as a Honda Civic can get better gas mileage than that.
You can go here to find out what new owners of the 650 say about the bike:

It seems that Kawi suggests the use of regular gas, and the average mileage is about 50 MPG, which is quite good for a brand new bike at 650cc displacement.
1 - 3 of 87 Posts
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