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First Ride: 2006 Kawasaki Ninja® 650R

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Might get me to trade my bandit.
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How about testing a bike with a rider taller than Frodo? May be Mike Seate? Some of us are taller than the average bear and would like that perspective.
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I agree, and further, what is a good standard for those over 6' tall?
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What's with the subject line?
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I why do I have a score of 0? I guess he didn't want to just reply. Hearn.
Re: Need an SV comparison

The Ninja 500 and probably the 250 are going away in 2008 for sure: there is NO WAY either bike will pass CARB2008/Euro III emissions standards.

IF they have an ABS option, I'm BUING ONE ASAP. I want a light, fun, ABS equipped bike that doesn't break the bank (EG, no BMW) to replace my VFR (too much of a pig for the track, and if I want to tour, my GF has a WeeStrom).

I'll just get a black lower for it (I don't like the two-tone lower).
Random thought on transmission.

It wouldn't suprise me if these days, a casette transmission is CHEAPER by making it easier to assemble the bike, especially given the relatively low power the transmission needs to cope with.

Also, is there some other Kawaski they might have stolen the transmission from? Doesn't this use the head components (valves etc) from the ZX-12R?

It's amazingly much a parts-bin bike, while still looking and feeling 100% new!

And I wonder how long until there will be a ER-6T giant trailie and an ER-6C mini-power cruiser (after all, it has about as much power as that Road King you reviewed last week)
Yes and how does bungeeing a milk crate on back with all the crap Gabe reviewed affect handling and the price of tea in Zimbabwe?
Pete? what, "Pete"? That's Mr. Robbovius to you, pal. Geezo, am I conversing with the Real John Burns? (Sheet, I'd best proofread for typos)

hmmm. I was a big fan of both those '80s machines, and can recall multuple visits to Bernardi Honda in natck MA to repeatedly sit on one of those SRX jobs, hemmed and hawed and one day it was sold, oh well... I wa still emnamored of my GT750 back then.

I recall those two bikes having expansion boxes under the frame, with the muffler poking out to one side, rather than the actual muffler itself under the bike, with only the muffler outlet poking out, as does the new Kawi, and every Buell since they were kit bikes.

yeah, in both my motorcycle history books, (the Motorcycle World circa 1976, and mid 90s "The Ultimate Motorcycle Book") there are oldsters with mufflers under the bike, but that, I'm sure, was simply an engineering packaging issue, back then,and not claimed as a low-CG and mass-centralization feature.

Wasn't claimed as that on either the hawk GT or SRX either as I recall. damn, I'll have to search thru my old magazines...
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..I wants the nekid one....
If this is going to be marketed as a bike for new riders, I would think the naked version would be a better choice since new riders obey the laws of gravity quite frequently. Repairing that full fairing or buying a new one is bound to be very expensive.
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a good standard for those over 6' tall = Ducati Multistrada or Suzuki vStrom
Good one, MO. There isnt a whole lot out on this bike yet and this was better, certainly with more pictures, than anything Ive seen.

It does sound like a good beginner's bike nowdays but it would probably have been considered blazing fast 30 to 40 years ago.

Silver and black are good disappearing colors.

Low seat height plus high footpegs--another indication that "everyone" in Japan does not include people 5'10" plus.
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Try being 6'5". Talk about being Mr. Origami...Then again, some much bigger bikes do not have great ergos for big people too, like harleys. They target their bikes for riders with LMS.
You've quiet lately...
Sounds like a bike that Europe will love and America might...

Sounds like a bike that Europe will love and America might like.

We Americans are a funny lot, common sense has nothing what so ever to do with a bike purchase here in the states, only ego. Kawasaki did the right thing with the styling, and I gotta love that they are copying Buell with the exhaust. Like was mentioned above a plain version might be the best for a new person, don't won't to mess up that pretty body work.

Didn't see anyone mention the Kawasaki positive neutral finder. That was the thing I really loved about my Kawi when I was starting out.
Well finally a test for us"frodo" short guys!I dig it!
Cuz it's ugly. Maybe not to you and me, but to the conventional thinking of American riders. Naked standards *might* hold their own, but naked sportbikes don't sell. it's for that same reason that we don't get the naked Z750, and why the naked Bandits were cancelled even a year or two before the faired models. I know of two unaffiliated Suzuki dealers in SoFla. that wouldn't even order naked SVs, and orders the "S" models only with the optional lower fairings, claiming that if the squids don't see plastic, they don't buy.
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