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First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1

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Yaaah! The obligatory first post!
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The writter/tester of the motorcycle should of rode a Bandit 1200S and a ZRX1100 for a few weeks before the trip to Spain. Then they would of at least been able to say nah or yah wether they thought the bike was good.

It is possible to compare bikes when they are not there for some sort of idea to be givent o the reader.

Also a FRench mag online has already tested the 143hp Fazer 1000 and they gave it okay reviews. Too bad they get stuck with the 100hp French Version.

Also it has to be pointed out that if any writter wrote a bad review Yamaha sure would not invite that person/mag back for future release rides.

I myself just paid in full for a Yamaha FZ1. My dealer seems to think it will be like an RC51 and the price will go up as soon as they get them, thats my reason to pay in full and get a receipt for it stating I get the first Blue one they get. At lest my dealer is honest to tell me what goes on, then again he knows I run the site so he better not screw me

Keep ontop of Fazer 1000 (FZ1) news at there is a discussion group and a chat board....also we have the latest links to reviews :)
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1 - 1 of 98 Posts
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