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Re: Review falls short

No no, you're not understanding. This was the WORLDWIDE PRESS INTORDUCTION. There are no bikes in the US. How a UK magazine got the bike before the worldwide press intro is a mystery, but not surprising, the UK gets bikes before the US, sometimes a year in advance. Regardless, MO had the first real test up after the official launch. While I like MCN a lot, the stringer that wrote the FZ story for them focuses on food, Expresso machines and other nonsense, it was a gastly review that they should've held. I would have.

I'd bet the person that wrote it was somehow involved with the Yamaha photo shoot, or involved with Yamaha in some way, otherwise, they couldn't have gotten their hands on a pre- pre-production bike.

We have a long-term Bandit 1200 here, so we don't need to "get our hands on one," which is moot, as you can't compare a bike in Spain to one here in the US. Certainly not after traveling 20 hours, riding for a few, traveling 20 back and churning out the story a couple days later.

Anyway, Brent Avis worked his backside off getting there and back, and hasn't had a day off in weeks. Show some respect to him and MO for getting the review up this quickly!
1 - 2 of 98 Posts
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