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First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1

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Yaaah! The obligatory first post!
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Re: Writers...

I "totally" agree, hell after coming off a "fast" cruiser (87 VF700C Super Magna) and a BMW R80RT touring bike, I'm jazzed by the "power" my 21 year old Suzuki GS 1100E has!!

Now, I've ridden a new 1200S bandit and it's even more of a "kick-A!!" machine, let a guy like me ride a new FZ-1 and watch me come back with a "[email protected] eating grin" from ear to ear! :D

Track jaded journalist and squidly sport bike riders, need not apply, LOL!!

LOL, ok Fantom, I think your a little "biased" when it comes to the FZ-1! ;) So when do you get your fizzer?? Enjoy!!

BJ Ondo

80 GS 1100E (Grandpa Bandit)
1 - 2 of 98 Posts
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