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First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1

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Yaaah! The obligatory first post!
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So all motojournalists never check a thing about a bike before riding it? No safety check (lights, electrics, tires, etc), not even how much air pressure is in the tires? The suspension setting (is each bike customized for each test rider?)

I have to agree with the original poster, it seems it is more important for you guys to spend time doing all the hooligan antics (wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, etc.) for the cameras, than to actually check anything about the bike.

I borrowed a bike from my brother for a trip form LA to Monterery. I made a habit of checking things myself, even those things that he said he checked already.

And lastly, it was an R1 for the Real World from everything I've read. You guys just don't live in that real world. For everybody whining about the loss of power, or how much heavier it is, buy an R1, and make your own "Naked-R1". That is not what the FZ-1 was, otherwise they would have billed it as "A Naked-R1". Take the bike for what it was intended, instead of expecting a slightly modified R1.
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But can't you see, that is the thrust of the story MO published? "Yamaha said Real World R1", but it wasn't, it lost too much power, was too heavy, and handled poorly. Well what did they expect, an R1 without the plastic?
Ok, I can understand that MO had limited time to test the bike. Anybody want to tell us how much of that limited time was spent riding, and how much was spent posing for pictures doing wheelies, burnouts, and all that hooligan stuff. (I don't care if you do it, but if time was so limited don't waste it doing that crap.)?

Anybody at MO want to answer that question? Why bother with pictures of that stuff? How many potential FZ-1 owners care how cool it looks doing wheelies, or burnouts? This is not a open class sport bike, or 600SS bike (whose average rider may be more interested/impressed by these antics).

I do appreciate the story, and a lot of what MO does. I just think that too many times you concentrate on the fluf, and not on the meat.
Ok, thank you for the explanatation. Sorry to have jumped to the wrong conclusion. I didn't realize that the manufacturers do these intros with such a rigid structure.

I hope all these comments are taken as more than just a bunch of whining. I think what they are saying is that this style of bike, should not be reviewed with the same criteria as an all out sport bike.

1 - 4 of 98 Posts
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