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First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1

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Yaaah! The obligatory first post!
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Below is my opinion on the FZ-1, I posted it before but no-one replied....

This Fazer 1000 is a totally pointless piece of sh*t machine! I cannot understand why anyone would buy one of these - they are just an ugly, heavy, over priced, bland sh*t-heaps. Fair enough if you a Yamaha fan then you might consider one but why not buy an R1? This thing will cost only slightly less than an R1 but has a crappy frame, weighs far more, offers no more wind protection and is sooooo ugly.....looks being the main reason anyone buys a muscle bike. If you are after a muscle bike buy a MonsterS4 or a Raptor1000, Mille Falco etc if you want a sports bike buy a GSXR1000 or a R1 or a Fireblade (929RR) - alternatively if you want something in-between that is ok at everything but excels in nothing then buy a Fazer1000. I know everybody will agree with me on this.....I only speak the truth and have no hidden agendas - unlike some......

If someone feels my comments are a total pile of sh*te, which they could well be, then please reply and show me the error of my ways. Its very easy to say 'you are an idiot' and leave it at that - but Mr H1Rabbit you aren't saying why I am 'an idiot' and why you feel my views are incorrect. Is that because you are an idiot and have nothing of any sense or relevance to say? You obviously have no constructive criticisms to make and were just rattled by my comment. I posted this comment and worded it in such a way to get some productive feedback but all I got from the rabbit but a totally useless subjective non-comment. Grow

Thanks, you've just reiterated my previous appraisal of you...
1 - 3 of 98 Posts
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