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First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1

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Yaaah! The obligatory first post!
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An experienced tester should be able to make some comparisions to similar previously tested bikes. Notice that there was no hesitation to compare with the R1 even though it was not a "back-to-back" ride. Also, where are the nuances? It all seems pretty superficial and written almost entirely from a closed track riding point of view.

The most irritating and stupid comment was the reference to the FZ1 having "big 'ol mirrors so you can see that truck sneaking up behind you, ye who thinks they own the fast lane even at a snail's pace." Anyone that commutes or otherwise uses a bike in the real world knows that good mirrors are essential to quick riding in traffic. Also the observation that one tester was innovative enough to actually carry and use a tire guage -- wow, what a revelation.

Finally, the preview to this preview mentioned options and accessories - I heard heated grips would be one - why no discussion along those lines? Was it because the reviewer writes from the perspective of 10 to 12 hot laps on a track instead of 175 miles of bad road in 35 degree temps?

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Okay, the trip to Spain was a pain in the ass I am sure. But, a couple of questions -- how many gas stops can you have in 150 miles and what about the accessories that will be offered in the U.S., particularly heated grips and hard bags?
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