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First Ride: Yamaha FZ-1

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Yaaah! The obligatory first post!
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The writter/tester of the motorcycle should of rode a Bandit 1200S and a ZRX1100 for a few weeks before the trip to Spain. Then they would of at least been able to say nah or yah wether they thought the bike was good.

It is possible to compare bikes when they are not there for some sort of idea to be givent o the reader.

Also a FRench mag online has already tested the 143hp Fazer 1000 and they gave it okay reviews. Too bad they get stuck with the 100hp French Version.

Also it has to be pointed out that if any writter wrote a bad review Yamaha sure would not invite that person/mag back for future release rides.

I myself just paid in full for a Yamaha FZ1. My dealer seems to think it will be like an RC51 and the price will go up as soon as they get them, thats my reason to pay in full and get a receipt for it stating I get the first Blue one they get. At lest my dealer is honest to tell me what goes on, then again he knows I run the site so he better not screw me

Keep ontop of Fazer 1000 (FZ1) news at there is a discussion group and a chat board....also we have the latest links to reviews :)
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LOL, ok Fantom, I think your a little "biased" when it comes to the FZ-1! ;) So when do you get your fizzer?? Enjoy!!

BJ Ondo

80 GS 1100E (Grandpa Bandit)
Below is my opinion on the FZ-1, I posted it before but no-one replied....

This Fazer 1000 is a totally pointless piece of sh*t machine! I cannot understand why anyone would buy one of these - they are just an ugly, heavy, over priced, bland sh*t-heaps. Fair enough if you a Yamaha fan then you might consider one but why not buy an R1? This thing will cost only slightly less than an R1 but has a crappy frame, weighs far more, offers no more wind protection and is sooooo ugly.....looks being the main reason anyone buys a muscle bike. If you are after a muscle bike buy a MonsterS4 or a Raptor1000, Mille Falco etc if you want a sports bike buy a GSXR1000 or a R1 or a Fireblade (929RR) - alternatively if you want something in-between that is ok at everything but excels in nothing then buy a Fazer1000. I know everybody will agree with me on this.....I only speak the truth and have no hidden agendas - unlike some......
So all motojournalists never check a thing about a bike before riding it? No safety check (lights, electrics, tires, etc), not even how much air pressure is in the tires? The suspension setting (is each bike customized for each test rider?)

I have to agree with the original poster, it seems it is more important for you guys to spend time doing all the hooligan antics (wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, etc.) for the cameras, than to actually check anything about the bike.

I borrowed a bike from my brother for a trip form LA to Monterery. I made a habit of checking things myself, even those things that he said he checked already.

And lastly, it was an R1 for the Real World from everything I've read. You guys just don't live in that real world. For everybody whining about the loss of power, or how much heavier it is, buy an R1, and make your own "Naked-R1". That is not what the FZ-1 was, otherwise they would have billed it as "A Naked-R1". Take the bike for what it was intended, instead of expecting a slightly modified R1.
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But can't you see, that is the thrust of the story MO published? "Yamaha said Real World R1", but it wasn't, it lost too much power, was too heavy, and handled poorly. Well what did they expect, an R1 without the plastic?
Ok, I can understand that MO had limited time to test the bike. Anybody want to tell us how much of that limited time was spent riding, and how much was spent posing for pictures doing wheelies, burnouts, and all that hooligan stuff. (I don't care if you do it, but if time was so limited don't waste it doing that crap.)?

Anybody at MO want to answer that question? Why bother with pictures of that stuff? How many potential FZ-1 owners care how cool it looks doing wheelies, or burnouts? This is not a open class sport bike, or 600SS bike (whose average rider may be more interested/impressed by these antics).

I do appreciate the story, and a lot of what MO does. I just think that too many times you concentrate on the fluf, and not on the meat.
We went all the way to Spain and went for a road ride that was about 150 miles. There was no track time and not much of the riding was done on what you'd consider "great" roads, though the scenery was impressive.

Much of this time was spent meeting up with photographers, gas stops and various other activities that were coordinated by Yamaha. They want photos of their bikes in the magazines (and on the 'web) and so photos were a high priority.

When we get the bike in our hands here in the states and get to spend some quality time with a bike, you will then have all the info you need. And , yes, we will also do a comparo between the FZ-1 and other similar bikes.
Ok, thank you for the explanatation. Sorry to have jumped to the wrong conclusion. I didn't realize that the manufacturers do these intros with such a rigid structure.

I hope all these comments are taken as more than just a bunch of whining. I think what they are saying is that this style of bike, should not be reviewed with the same criteria as an all out sport bike.

Baker, I've read some thoughtful positive and negative comments about this article & this bike. The one considered opinion that I come away with is that you are an idiot.
74 POUNDS!!! 74 POUNDS!!!!

What the bloody hell is going on here? 74 freaking pounds heavier than an R1?

Less compression for more streetability? Right.

Way to go, Yamaha. Freaking pathetic. Damnit, I WAS really excited about this machine. No more.
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Okay, the trip to Spain was a pain in the ass I am sure. But, a couple of questions -- how many gas stops can you have in 150 miles and what about the accessories that will be offered in the U.S., particularly heated grips and hard bags?

How about some info about wind protection and other ergo considerations? That windscreen/fairing looks kinda small. I am thinking of trading in my 2000 VFR for one of these, (like the idea of 40 more hp that I got now) but I do a lot of long distance. Did you ride it for any lenght of time to comment on this?

Don't kill the messenger

Whoops, I posted this in the wrong place. Let's review:

Brent, before you guys at MO get too thin-skinned about the feedback from your ride report, just remember that a lot of the upset people put down deposits at their Yamaha dealer many months ago and yet they still don't have an FZ1 to ride. So they are bound to be "on the rag" so to speak. Some understanding is in order, these guys want their FZ1s reaaallll bad, and are grasping at any info they can. FZ1 people: Hold on a little longer, your bike is almost here. Call Yamaha and tell them you are NOT happy about having to wait so long.

I am a big fan of bikes like the FZ1, Bandit 1200 and ZRX, these are the most practical motorcycles around. I'm especially a fan of the new 2001 Bandit 1200 because its prices undercuts both the FZ1 and ZRX, yet gives awesome low-RPM torque and likely the best wind protection in its class. I noticed that you noticed the Bandit should have comfier ergos too, thanks to the Suzook's lower footpegs.

I place emphasis on other aspects of a bike than simple quarter-mile times and peak horsepower figures. The fact that the FZ1 will be slightly faster than the Bandit is not an issue for me. The fact that the FZ1 costs substantially more than the Bandit IS an issue though, money doesn't grow on trees. I've seen 2001 Bandits going for $7500-$8000 out the door in some places, the FZ1 will probably be around $9000-$9500 out the door. Having rode both the Bandit and FZ, do you think the FZ is $1500-$2000 better than a Bandit? I think the answer to that question is an easy "no way, man."

Also, regarding the "141 hp and 78 ft-lbs of torque" the FZ1 is supposed to have. Let's not forget that these are CLAIMED figures (crankshaft horsepower, not rear-wheel horsepower) and have yet to be proved by any dyno run. I'm thinking about 118-120 at the wheel with about 72-75 ft-lbs of torque will be the FZ1's end result. Gawrsh I hate when manufacturers quote crankshaft power just to inflate the numbers.

And another thing....please oh please, if you do a shootout between the ZRX/B12/FZ1, make sure you pop a slipon on all three bikes and do a quick dyno run. Even without touching the jetting, I think you'll find the B12 jumped 10-15 hp over the stock B12, while the FZ1/ZRX jump only 5-6 hp. This is a huge "low buck power" advantage the Bandit has that I've never seen mentioned in any hop-up articles. The Bandit is truly the king of bang-for-buck performance.

In the end, I think your ride report is pretty accurate. There's simply no way the FZ1 could've lived up the incredible hype generated by Yamaha's PR people, who were crowing the FZ is a "naked R1." Obviously, the FZ pales in comparison to the R1, so Yamaha should be chided for barking up that wrong tree. I'm glad you guys pointed that out!

It wasn't YOU who claimed the bike was a naked R1, it was Yamaha, and you are correct in shooting holes in that theory. Just adding some cat-eye headlights can't hide the fact there is a flexi steel frame wrapped around a detuned engine...just like the Bandit and ZRX. Hey, I thought the FZ1 was supposed to be revolutionary? Sounds like a very familiar recipe to me...

At the end of the day, I think the FZ1 will be faster and more nimble than the Bandit/ZRX. After all, it makes more peak power and weighs less. But for my hard-earned money, the '01 Bandit is the bike for me, and I feel it's the better sport know, what these bikes will be used for. And the Bandit has been available since last September, while the FZ1 is still in "don't call us, we'll call you" status.
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If someone feels my comments are a total pile of sh*te, which they could well be, then please reply and show me the error of my ways. Its very easy to say 'you are an idiot' and leave it at that - but Mr H1Rabbit you aren't saying why I am 'an idiot' and why you feel my views are incorrect. Is that because you are an idiot and have nothing of any sense or relevance to say? You obviously have no constructive criticisms to make and were just rattled by my comment. I posted this comment and worded it in such a way to get some productive feedback but all I got from the rabbit but a totally useless subjective non-comment. Grow

Suck it up, punk

If you want an R1 without plastic, take the plastic off your R1.

If you strip $2000 out of the purchase price of a bike, while using the same engine and designing it to fit twice as many people's bodies, it will be heavier. Take it or leave it; if you think you could make a better, faster, lighter bike for the same price or less, do it. I'll buy one.

In travelling around, I have noticed that 89 octane sometimes qualifies as "premium." That alone makes me think that a couple points lower compression could be a good thing, if one's bike is fit to travel significant distances.
Crack-addled or Moron?

You've been stealing hits off that english guy's mama's crack pipe, haven't you?

It might do just fine for me; what it lacks in tire-smoking it might make up for in reliability and refinement. As long as a bike cruises comfortably at 80, that's fast enough for this old dude. I'm looking forward to seeing this Hornet, and the R1150R, in the comparo's of the current and upcoming sporty-standards this summer and fall.
Wind protection

Take a good look at the FZ-1. The wind protection is going to suck big time compared to your VFR. If you live in SoCal or some other hot climate, or just ride around town with a fair-weather weekend ride tossed in every now and then, no problem. Otherwise, put an Erion full system exhaust and a K&N filter on your VFR and you'll get about 110 at the rear wheel. That'll bring you within 10 hp or so of the Yamaha's true power figure. You won't get battered by wind and cold and you'll save about $3,000 in the process.
re: don.t kill.....

This sounds suspicously like the drivel that a SooZook pimp (oops sorry, make that SooZook advocate) posts daily (ad nauseum) on the FZ1 Owners Assoc. BBS.
I'll admit that this FZ-1 review left something to be desired, particularly when compared to MO's typical offerings and complete bike evaluations. Unlike the robust portion of whine-ology professors amongst the readership, however, I'm willing to cut MO some slack.

Frankly, I'm not sure how "Minime" could develop much in the way of a solid opinion about the bike after twenty hours of fatiguing travel to Europe, evaluating in a strange country, on unfamiliar roads, surrouded by international riders speaking in tongues, wondering if the next herd of sheep had his name on it. Professional motorcycle journalist or not, that's just a good deal to stack up against feeling comfortable putting a bike through its paces.

You've got to figure that MO was under pressure to attend this world press introduction and get something published about this much-anticipated bike; rather than favor a conspiracy theory I figure they did the best they could. I eagerly anticipate a real review including a comparo with the Bandit 1200s among others, performed by the home-town gang, on familiar ground. You know it's coming- quit 'yer whinin' and give 'em a chance!
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