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Buy the service manual and "special tools", do it yourself, save a bunch of money, know it's done right. Read "Zen and the art of Motorcycle maintenance". If you aren't confident in your mechanical abilities find a competent shop/mechanic (not always easy) and build a relationship with them. You can still ride but say hello to our little secret, to maintain a motorcycle in perfect condition ain't cheap or easy (fast). Welcome to the world of high performance (maintenance) vehicles. Time to put all those fuel savings dollars into normal and preventative maintenance. Despair not Grasshopper, it may not need to be as hard as it seems. For example some engines (shim over bucket) have special tools that enable you to depress the bucket allowing you to exchange shims without needing to remove the buckets and thus remove/reinstall/redegree the cams. Different engines have different ways of adjusting valve clearances, some quite easy and straightforward, others, I've heard, quite the opposite. Fortunately most Motorcycles are not equipped with hydraulically adjusted valvetrains as most cars are. You see, adjusting your valves is a kind of Holy Grail amoung Old Motorcycling Elitists (could you hear the sneer in some of "Their" replys?) a rite of passage. As noted, normal wear and tear will cause the valves to reclede into the head, eventually, possibly, causing a valve to "lift", not close completely. The consequences of this being multiple: This can cause the "burning" (ruining) of both the valve and valve seat, Very expensive and do you feel up to "pulling the Head"? More importantly the resultant change in valve timing and loss of compression Will cause a LOSS OF POWER. Anyway, do what you think you can handle yourself, that fine Kawasaki's Owners Manual should spell out those things that will be covered in your initial service. Make a list for the Shop/Mechanic to do/check of the things you're not ready to tackle yet. I'd be surprised if it called for a valve clearance check at initial service. It is my understanding that maintainance is "self certified" under Kawasaki's warranty program but I could be wrong (For the First time!). If in doubt have the dealer do it to protect your warranty. It's a good thing Kawasaki makes a fine product, you don't want to deal with their "Customer Service". Unfortunately you have chosen a motorcycle that unlike a certain unnamed brand may require more in the area of special tools than a Big hammer and a Big screwdriver (lol). Your initial "special tools" purchase should be limited to a feeler gauge, though I'm not familiar with that engine. I find that all special tools I purchase pay for themselves the first use, you can never have too many tools IMHO. Good luck, have fun, enjoy the ride.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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