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TiMax gloves

I'm glad someone else understands the appeal of a pair of bad*ss gloves. I've been known to wear a pair of icon TiMax gloves for my morning commute to the office. It get to spend 26.2 miles as a bad*ss motorcyle dude, scaring the cagers in the commuter lane before I get to work where I'll split my time between engineering and accounting.

The TiMax are actually quite comfy. Not well vented though, which limits their seasons of use here in Houston TX. They run small and I wish the thumb crotch was deeper, but once you get them stretched to your liking they are practical gloves. Yes, you do have to be careful about scratching your tank or helmet.

Are the TiMax worth the money? Not for functional reasons, no. But for that morning Bad to the Bone kick I'm happy to have spent the money.
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