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Firstgear Chrome Tech Gloves

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MadMax meets FirstGear. However, I do like FirstGear products.
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Only you Dr knows

Are the Teknic Violators urologist approved?

There may be sensitivity and lubrication issues.
Re: Must have new toy

I am making a guess that you might be in the Orange County/LA area. If so, MV Agusta is looking for a dealership or two (and have supposedly narrowed it down from those who are interested) to represent these areas. All the dealers that most know were mentioned (Pro-Italia, European Cycle, etc,) but they are being very tight-lipped about who will be chosen. They are looking to expand their market and stop losing potential sales as their number one complaint is not about their motorcycles, but their lack of dealerships and service. Drop-dead gorgeous machines and even my wife said to me that my next ride should be a MV Agusta as they are so beautiful...not that I would ever be capable of riding any of their model line-up to its full potential.

On a final note the MV Agusta reps. said that they fully intend to keep the pricing of the MV Agusta at MSRP and the dealer who gets it will have to do so. They are only interested in a certain level of buyer--those who have the money.
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MV Agusta

I live in San Diego County. GP Motorcycles sells them here. The only other dealer in CA is in San Francisco.

I found one for sale at MSRP in TX on

I'm not in a big hurry but if the stars align who knows?
Re: MV Agusta

Well, I have to tell ya, I haven't seen one MV Agusta that I haven't been completely enamored with from first sight--no matter what color or model. A real keeper when you let the others go.
hey, if ya ever get off your bike and need to throw a beat down on somebody, those are the gloves you'd want to have.
'As for me, as bitter and jaded as my 36 years of unflinchingly staring life in the ass has made me, I still have a little kid somewhere inside that loves to hum the theme to "Speed Racer" as I open up the throttle...'

Can we make this the official MO motto? This is about the funniest thing I have read in print in a while.

I never thought about this, but I asked around a little at my local CycleGear if they knew anyone who had "crash-tested" them, and the guys said that they knew someone who had, and the metal plates had gotten extremely hot, and given him some very nasty burns. So I guess they're not the best idea after all.
Just the thing to wear while washing your sled with the Harley Official Factory Cleaning Kit.
Re: Street Fighters

I have owned a pair of Teknic Streetfighters for 3 years now, and I've been thrilled with them. I also got them for about $60 on-line, so they were a bit of deal. But they are very very comfy, and they have held up through rain, even some snow.
Where did you get yours? I've been looking for a set of these, and I've tried every dealer in my area but no one stocks them. Did you try yours on?
MO, thanks for the review. The Chrome Tech gloves have been available for two years now, and due to overstock, they're being discounted now by the distributor, Tucker-Rocky. Which means they can be had at many retail outlets for probably $59, which saves you $100 (that's a front tire) off the Icon TiMax. Also, IFW will have these Chrome Techs, as well as lots of jackets and pants, at our annual warehouse sale on March 27 in Tustin, CA (blatant plug).
Better burned fingers than no fingers

- cruiz-euro
I live very close to the Iron Pony store.

Tried them on, but I was wearing a textile jacket rather than leather, and I'm a burly variety of gentleman, so the wrist area is tight. They both zip and have two hook and loop flaps.
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