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Fischer MRX 650: Would you buy one?

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I ain't buyin' an "American" bike with a Hyosung Motor.

When I decide to buy American, it will be a CityX for me thanks.
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I ride a Hyosung GV250. It's Hyosung's 250cc "cruiser"-style bike. This model's sold as an "Alpha Sports" in the US and as an "Aquila" or "Mirage" in Europe and elsewhere.

My engine's great. It always starts immediately (given the battery's fully charged). I've had no problems over two years of daily use and abuse.

(Non-engine problems, though, include a post-crash battery leaking water, a carburator clogged with black carbonated muck, coughing acceleration, a foot peg snapped off, rear suspension bottoming out with fat passengers on board, a short circuit in the tankbag/stereo draining the battery, and a plastic wheel guard that snapped when someone drove into me.)

The bike is great for touring, commuting and even for leaning _way_ over when cornering along mountain roads.

I'm glad to see the Hyosung engine being considered as a serious race engine. Warms my heart to know my little 250cc has a racer in its blood.


Seoul, Korea

Hyosung GV250
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1 - 1 of 117 Posts
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